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Hey guys, it’s been a while so I have plenty to blog about. Ok so I’ve just got home from my tennis tournament so can barely walk, but more on that later.

THE EXAMS ARE FINISHED. Thank f**k for that. To be fair they didn’t go too badly, business studies went better than expected, general studies was as per usual a piss take so just wrote about whatever random crap came into my head at that particular moment in time. Biology however was a different story altogether. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the ‘Shewgate scandal’ thing and I for one am not at all happy. Basically the majority of the questions were impossible to answer, not impossible in the sense that they were too hard, I mean impossible in the sense that they were literally IMPOSSIBLE to answer. Apart from the last 3 questions, all of the content was on stuff that we either hadn’t been taught, weren’t in the syllabus or about stuff that the official AQA textbook had specifically told us NOT to learn as we wouldn’t need to use it in the exam. Ok so there is a big Facebook group about it with nearly 15,000 members (good effort), there is a Government petition, teachers have written letters to AQA, but what do I think will happen? Absolutely nothing. To be honest the best that will come of this is that the examiners will lower the grade boundaries when marking out papers and I heard a rumour that we may be given free retakes in the summer.

RANTING ASIDE, this weekend has been very good (so far.) We were planning on going bowling on Saturday, then wandering around Stevenage for a bit while being able meet Simone’s new boyfriend, but this didn’t happen unfortunately, but looks all set to go ahead next weekend. Although this has turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me as it gave me the chance to get some last minute tennis practice in before todays tournament, which was definitely worth it.

OK so my tennis tournament went very well, in short I WON :D. Basically there was about 16 of us and we were all split up into a number of groups, with each group containing 3 player. So in the first match I came up against a guy about my age, during the initial warm up he looked a good player and had the weapons to cause me some problems. But in the end I was too strong for him and won the match pretty comfortably :). So then I had about a half an hour break before my final match that would decide the winner of the group. This time my opponent was older than me so it looked like it could be a tricky match. But luckily for me I was playing the best tennis I have ever played and beat him in straight sets to win my 3rd tournament :D So yeah very happy right now.

The only thing that can ruin my weekend now is if Arsenal beat Chelsea, which starts in about 45 minutes, so if the result goes our way this has to have been one of the best weekends EVAR. I’m especially happy about the way tennis went though. It’s been difficult for me recently as I have struggled with form over the last few months, and 2009 was a very bad year for me tennis wise after I had a great 207/2008. But now I’m playing regularly again and everything has come together finally so I’m better than I have ever been.

Anyway, so there is one week left before half term, it really can’t come around quick enough because I just desperately need a break from school. Also really want to go out with one night soon, need to chill and have a good time, but I don’t really have anyone to go out to bars with yet :S. Never mind, it will be worth the wait.

Thanks for reading guy, PLEASE comment and I will blog again soon.

ML, Butch x

Exams, loneliness and OH S**T!!!

Afternoon folks. Yeh just got home, its about 4 o clock and am home a lot earlier than I expected to be. Had 2 exams today, biology and business studies and to be honest today was HORRIBLE.

OK so I got to school about 8.55 knowing that I have 2 exams both scheduled for 1.30 so I figured I’ll be doing one at 1.30 and the other straight after. Now this wouldn’t have really been a problem because there was still some really important stuff I needed to go back over and revise for biology so I figured I would have most of the day to do this. ANYWAY so I went straight to the exams office and just to confirm that I was doing both this afternoon to which the exam replied ‘er no you’re doing biology NOW and business in the afternoon.’ FFFF***********KKKK!!!

So yeh I had to take a hugely important exam, mostly unprepared and just hope for the best. The exam actually went pretty well, there were a few things I wasn’t totally sure about, thanks to not having time to re-revise but otherwise I think I did OK. But after I got out of the exam I had to be escorted to the reception and got left there all f*****g day. Was quite funny at about lunch time when one of the receptionists asked ‘Are you OK there, did you want to go outside shall I take you for a walk or something?’ To which I was like WTF woment I’m not a bloody dog!! But I didn’t I just said errr no I’m OK here thanks.

So I went and did my business exam and luckily the questions weren’t too bad and managed to write loads for the massive question at the end :D. 2 exams left now, both general studies the 1st of those being tomorrow and have ABSOLUTELY NO intention of revising for a subject that A) cannot be revised for and B) none of my universities accept.

It feels so weird right now, being able to chill and blog to you guys and not have to worry about constant revision and screwing up upcoming exams. I guess this is just one of those things we all take for granted :S. ANYWAY so the rest of the day will be pretty uneventful, watch a bit of TV, maybe a sports blog (www.butchsports.tumblr.com), bit of FM 2010…

Thanks for reading guys, please please leave comments and visit the blog regularly and I will blog to you guys again soon.

ML, Butch x

THAT WAS HILARIOUS. For more of the same visit www.youtube.com/fredawesomeTV


Sorry guys this weekend I am way too busy revising, playing tennis and catching up on lost sleep so I’m not doing a big blog until monday. I have my biology and business studies exam both monday afternoon even though I thought it was tuesday so I have a whole day less to revise for fugg sake!

Anyway I’m going to leave with a video from Fred Awesome. Please watch, comment and subscribe to his channel www.youtube.com/fredawesomeTV and please please leave comments here and my sports blog. Thanks for reading guys have a good weekend and you will hear from me soon.

ML, Butch x


So so very tired

MORNING. YEAH an early one today because I am going to Fay’s later but still enough to blog about and satisfy your insatiable cravings for my blog XD. Woke up at 6.30am, feeling like P Diddy and went for a swim. I decided to do this because whenever I have more than a few days off of school my sleeping pattern goes horrendously AWOL so at least this way I can break the trend and get to sleep properly at the weekend. So yeah went for a swim for a bit then played tennis with Matt. I don’t regret doing it but I’m just so drained and probably need to drink about a gallon of coke just to keep me awake past lunchtime.

Swimming was good though, I need to get fully fit for my tennis tournament and swimming is always good for that so at least I’m on the right track. Also I got in for free :D. Apparently the pool was supposed to be colder than usual because of heating issues so I didn’t have to pay to get in but there was not difference whatsoever from monday when the heating was fully working. So yeah that was fun, but I’m getting so sick of exams and revision and still need to do some before I go out later. An after exams party is definitely needed so am praying Ben will have one. At least when he gets totally wasted me and Sean won’t need to carry him home again because he will already be there XD.

OK guys the plan for next week is that I will start blogging about other stuff other than just about me so when I get my 2 horror exams out of the way on tuesday things will be up and running smoothly. Also like I said before please leave comments and tell me what you would like to see me blog and how I can improve as the number of suggestions I have had currently stands at: 0.

Thanks for reading and commenting guys I’m going to leave you with a video that will all you male viewers majorly cringe, it certainly did with me.

ML, Butch x

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Hello Interwebs. Ok a lot has happened since I last blogged to you on tuesday and as you probably had guessed I GOT A HAIRCUT. So yeh exciting times as any one who knows me will know that it was about 2 months overdue. Yeh, I went to Stanstead Abbots yesterday with Fay to my usual place and was faced with the usual question every gets when they sit down in the hairdressers. ‘So, what are we doing today?’ To which I wanted to respond ‘Haircut. I wish to leave the building with less hair than when I came in.’ But I though that may come across as a little rude so I didn’t say that. I was quite lucky actually though I didn’t have to sit through the usual awkward conversation people have with hairdressers, she clearly wasn’t in a chatty mood. Probably saw me and though ‘For f**ks sake not that prick again.’ But its cool my hair actually looks pretty good XD.

MORE EXCITING NEWS INTERWEBS. My sports and betting blog is finally up! I will put a link somewhere where you will always be able to see it, but for now it’s here: butchsports.tumblr.com. So if you are interested in sports please follow and comment :D.

This week has been mental though, it’s exam time again and I hate revision. Luckily after tuesday I won’t have anymore revision to do because general studies doesn’t require revision but at the moment I feel like doing another day of revising then forgetting biology will make me look a little like this.

Right, so yeh… thanks for reading guys please check regularly on this site for more updates and leave comments. And if you are interested please visit my sports blog and leave comments and suggestions.

ML, Butch x

Just a quickie

Yeh just a quick one today. Today has been busy and I had my first exam this afternoon and have been revising so I haven’t had time to blog properly about something. Plus I’m going out to play tennis soon so time is limited. Basically on THURSDAY I will set up my sports and betting blog as well as put up a proper blog on this page so please watch out for that :D.

Tomorrow I’m going to be out for most of the day because I’m seeing my girlfriend and going to Stanstead Abbots to get my haircut before I go to work so I don’t really have time to do meaningful blogging until thursday. Sorry it’s taken so long to set everything up properly but when I get everything up and running it will be worth XD. Sooo yeh please comment and spread the word and I look forward to blogging for you guys properly soon.

ML, Butch x

Me, water and pain :D

Hello interwebs, today I just thought I would tell you a little more about myself before I get the blogging started properly in the coming days. Ok, so I am 18 years old and I am a STRAIGHT male, contrary to reports from a number of my friends :). I’m not going to tell you where I live in case you stalk me or something so don’t get your hopes up. Anyway… yeh I’m still at school and hoping to go onto to university next year to study physiotherapy, depending on whether I get the grades or not which is looking increasingly unlikely :P. I study biology, P.E and business studies with bio and sports being my main interests.

Outside of school I play tennis quite a lot, and am a massive Chelsea fan. I haven’t always wanted to be a physio, when I started out at my school I really wanted to be a sports journalist until I realised at the start of sixth form there was no way I would get the A level English grades. It’s not so bad though I actually could not stand English towards the end of last year and was more than happy to see the back of it :). So yeh thats me in a nutshell basically… and you probably could get me in a nutshell actually I’m not the tallest guy the world has ever seen.

Anywayz, I have a good idea of what I will be blogging about in the future and stuff but I would really like it if you could leave ideas about what I can blog about and what you would like to see on here in the future in the comments section. And like I said yesterday I will leave notices about when I have made a blog on Twitter or i your really lucky I will tell you personally. That last bit is a direct message to my girlfriend because she doesn’t have Twitter :).

But yeh today has been pretty eventful already, didn’t get to bed until very late last night and got up at 6.30 this morning and went for a swim :D. It was really good though it was nice to break the habit of sleeping in waaay too late everyday and the exercise was good. Usually when I get up early I look a little like this, but I was actually feeling awake and pretty good.Also the pool has been done up so it was really nice :). The water was actually fairly warm and when I got out I didn’t feel like someone had thrown vinegar in my eyes which was a nice bonus. Plus the shower was actually warm so it was well worth it. Then when I got home I did my daily weight and core training so as you can imagine I’m aching like a bitch.

Anyway guys thanks for reading and please leave comments saying what you think of the blog and what you would like to see.

ML, Butch x

One last thing interwebzzz

Yeh one last thing, when I put up a new blog I will alert you on my Twitter account. My account name is butch710 so please find me on Twitter so it will be easier for you to know when I have a new post :D. Thanks guys look out for my next blog soon. ML, Butch x